Tuesday, May 28


Some specialists recently shared their views on how an individual could improve their brain health through their diet. Researchers have increasingly linked today's highly processed diet to poor brain health and weight gain, lending more scientific support to the idea that we are shaped by our eating habits. However, earlier this year, a ranking placed Texas No. 43 among all other states in brain health.

The highly pathogenic avian influenza has been detected in grocery store milk products for the very first time, the United States Food and Drug Administration announced. While the news of milk testing positive for HPAI viruses, including H5N1 or bird flu, may be alarming to some, the FDA has downplayed the discovery, noting that further […]

After much debate during the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization has now broadened its definition of airborne pathogens to include droplets of any size that either land directly on a person or are inhaled through the air. The WHO update comes after extensive discussions and controversies surrounding the classification of COVID-19 transmission. Initially, WHO […]

Thousands of avocado oil units have been recalled due to a risk of glass containers breaking. Primal Kitchen, headquartered in Oxnard, California, announced a voluntary recall of approximately 2,060 cases of its 750 ml avocado oil product on April 19. The product was sold by different vendors in the U.S., Canada, and online. According to […]

Seattle Children’s Hospital has agreed to halt its activities in Texas following a request by Attorney General Ken Paxton for its records of transgender procedures performed on minors in the state. The hospital is no longer obligated to hand over the records as part of the agreement to withdraw its business registration in Texas.

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