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Several factors are contributing to high mortgage rates in the United States, including low supply, which appears to have been impacted by the surging levels of both illegal and legal migration in recent years. “While the long-run effect of increased immigration on inflation is unclear, immigrants nonetheless need a place to live, and their arrival […]

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ZeroHedge published an article by FOX31 Denver reporting that “a charity calling itself ‘Hope Has No Borders’ “began pairing migrant workers and their families with hosts in Colorado in late 2023. Now, with help from the United Way, getting paired up is a simple phone call away by dialing 211.” “A news segment details how […]

One U.S. senator believes a provision in the recently passed $95 billion foreign aid spending package will “supercharge” mass migration from foreign countries. Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO) voiced strong opinions regarding the new U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) field offices that will be opened in Doha, Qatar, and Ankara, Turkey, as a result of […]

A Baltimore, Maryland, high school athletics director has been accused of using artificial intelligence to generate a hate speech-filled voice recording to frame the school principal. Dazhon Darien is said to have created the fake recording to discredit Pikesville High School Principal Eric Eiswert, who was investigating Darien for misuse of school funds. The fake […]

Organizers of the anti-Israel protests that spread across the nation are purportedly being funded by left-wing billionaires like George Soros and the Rockefeller brothers, according to a new report. The wave of protests following Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel on October 7 can be tied to “a network of radical and often antisemitic non-governmental organizations […]

After facing strong opposition mostly from House Republicans, President Joe Biden signed into law on Wednesday the foreign aid package that will provide billions of taxpayer money for the defense of Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan and could compel China to sell off TikTok. The Senate approved the bill that Biden signed […]

President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign plans to remain on TikTok despite the president signing a bill into law on Wednesday that could potentially ban the social media app due to security concerns related to Chinese interference. The bill, which is tied to the $95 billion foreign aid package passed by the Senate, would ban TikTok […]

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