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The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has urged leaders at all levels to prioritize the prevention and treatment of Tuberculosis. The foundation issued this statement on Sunday through its Advocacy and Marketing Manager, Steve Aborishade, to mark the 2024 World TB Day with the theme ‘Yes! We Can End TB.’ World Tuberculosis Day […]

The next time you stop at the local drug store to pick up household standbys like shampoo, ibuprofen, and tissues, you might also consider picking up something rather more serious: an HIV test. Show your ID (the test is only approved for adults aged 17+), pay $40, and you can return home and learn your […]

It’s easy to think of our cells’ inner workings as parts in a well-oiled machine—like tiny crankshafts and gears they chug along in their endless task of transcribing information from DNA, manufacturing proteins, and sending them off to transact the business of living. Much popular writing about cell biology emphasizes the exquisite precision of this […]