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Facebook and Instagram company Meta stated on Friday that it will begin labeling media generated by Artificial Intelligence starting in May, as it seeks to reassure users and governments about the dangers of deepfakes. The social media giant also mentioned that it will no longer delete manipulated images and audio that do not otherwise violate its rules, and will instead rely on […]

Most top business leaders in major economies think AI will drastically change their industries, but acknowledge that their leadership teams don't fully grasp the risks and benefits of AI, according to a study released on Friday. Adecco, the world's largest temporary staffing agency, and Oxford Economics conducted a survey to examine how companies are getting ready for […]

A technology expert and supporter of Artificial Intelligence, Adesokan Ayodeji, has urged the Federal Government to consider AI and data analytics as important tools for ensuring financial transparency and detecting fraud early. He emphasized that transparency and early fraud detection are crucial for the stability and trustworthiness of any nation, especially in Nigeria where […]

The Nigerian Communications Commission has urged Artificial Intelligence developers to be open about the data, algorithms and models used in systems to ensure fair and responsible use of AI to address challenges facing the country. The commission also called on AI organisations to handle personal data carefully, following strict privacy rules, and emphasized that consumers should understand […]

On Wednesday, EU lawmakers are set to approve comprehensive rules to regulate artificial intelligence, including powerful systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, marking the final major obstacle before formal adoption. Senior European Union officials say the rules, first proposed in 2021, will safeguard citizens from potential risks while also promoting innovation on the continent. Brussels has […]