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The Federal Government announced on Tuesday that it is working on a deal to partner with the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority to help with the acquisition and maintenance of radiotherapy equipment in cancer centers in the country. Prof Usman Aliyu, the Director-General of the National Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment, revealed this in Abuja.

In January, the pharmaceutical company Roche paid more than a billion dollars to buy about half of a small company called Foundation Medicine. Foundation has not invented any new drugs or life-saving devices. Most insurance companies won’t pay for its main product, and like a lot of biotech companies, it loses money. The big bucks are […]

A study at RPI’s Lighting Research Center tested the effects of digital tablets and different colors of light on subjects’ circadian rhythms.Brittany Wood et al. / RPI In the summer of 2012, the American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a new policy stating that nighttime light exposure is hazardous to human health. “The primary human concerns […]