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Key Russian friend, China, on Monday extended its best wishes to President Vladimir Putin on his win in the election. With 99 per cent of polling stations reporting results, Putin had obtained 87.33 per cent of all votes cast, according to official election data released Monday, as reported by state news agency RIA. “China sends its congratulations on this,” foreign ministry spokesman, Lin […]

China on Thursday slammed the approval of a US bill that would ban TikTok unless it severs ties with its Chinese parent company, ByteDance – blasting Washington’s “bandit” mentality and vowing Beijing would “take all necessary measures” to protect the interests of its companies overseas. The short-video app has soared in popularity worldwide but its […]

China cautions the US over planned TikTok ban. The US House of Representatives is set to vote later Wednesday on a bill that would force the app to cut ties with its Chinese owner or face a ban in the United States. […]

Pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period put women in peril, giving rise to precautions that gave them a sense of control, such as orienting the birthing room, charms and rituals, and burying a placenta.Vanessa Hua In a strip mall in the heart of Silicon Valley, the pregnant ladies were seeking out ancient Chinese […]