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China is expanding its use of AI-generated content and fake social media accounts to stoke division in the United States and other locations, as per the latest report from Microsoft’s threat center. Beijing has intensified its focus and enhanced the complexity of its influence operations, according to Clint Watts, general manager of Microsoft threat analysis center.

China on Friday expressed support for Venezuela and condemned “external interference” after its ally came under fire from the United States, France, and Brazil for preventing a key opposition candidate from participating in the July elections. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lin Jian called on the international community to have a positive and helpful role in Venezuela’s election. “We honor […]

Yan Yuqing, the Chinese Consul-General in Lagos, has restated China's dedication to supporting the improvement of Nigeria's education system. The Consul-General emphasized the embassy's unwavering support for education in Nigeria, stating that it is a crucial foundation for the country's future growth. This statement was made on Wednesday during the introduction of the free […]