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Stakeholders in the cryptocurrency industry have called on Binance to reveal the identity of the government officials who asked for bribes. The stakeholders also demanded that Binance provide evidence of its bribery claims. Local crypto stakeholders told Cointelegraph that the bribery allegation from Binance could negatively affect the country’s image if not handled properly. The […]

The largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has announced that the value of assets it holds for its users has surpassed the $100 billion mark. The exchange made this announcement in a statement on Monday. This accomplishment comes during a surge in digital asset prices and a significant increase in inflows throughout March. The exchange wrote […]

Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, said the Nigerian market was yet to become one of its top markets, even though it holds ‘extraordinary potential.’ Binance stated this in a statement released on Thursday. It, however, noted that it would continue to invest in the country and promote financial inclusion. The platform reiterated that it was […]