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The President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Joe Ajaero, expressed sorrow that Nigerians had turned into scavengers because of the increasing economic difficulties in the country. Ajaero made this statement at the 11th Quadrennial Delegates Conference of the Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria in Abuja on Friday.

President, Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and overseas, Pastor (Dr) Henry Ojo has encouraged Nigerians to have patience with the Federal Government, stating that what they are experiencing now is not new in Nigeria's history or the world's history. The religious leader remembered that Nigerians faced even more difficult times in 1984 during …

Some people living in the Federal Capital Territory took goods from a warehouse that reportedly belongs to the National Emergency Management Agency of Nigeria due to the current tough economic conditions in the country. The PUNCH found out that the warehouse is located in the Phase 3 Region of Abuja, which is part of the FCT area. Confirming the event to our reporter, […]

Some residents of the Federal Capital Territory on Sunday looted a warehouse reportedly belonging to the National Emergency Management Agency of Nigeria over the current economic hardship across the country. The PUNCH learnt that the warehouse is situated in the Phase 3 Region of the FCT area of Abuja. Confirming the incident to our correspondent, […]