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Nigerians on Monday did not accept the reduction of the tariff that Band A customers have to pay for electricity, which was lowered from N225/kWh to N206.8/kWh by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission. The Nigeria Labour Congress, Trade Union Congress, Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, electricity consumers, and civil society organizations all requested a reversal of this decision in interviews with The PUNCH.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has ordered the transfer of regulatory oversight of the electricity market in Enugu State to the Enugu State Electricity Regulatory Commission. This was according to a statement on the commission’s website, on Monday. The transfer, according to the commission, complied with the amended Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria […]

Kaduna Electric says it has refunded unmetered customers who were overcharged through estimated billing. Estimated billing is a system of charging unmetered electricity consumers for electrical energy consumed based on their previous usage, without considering the actual quantity of energy consumed. The PUNCH reported that the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission in February sanctioned the 11 […]