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The National Action on Sugar Reduction Coalition has tasked the Federal Government to impose a 20 percent tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. The coalition said taxing sugary beverages will save Nigerians from preventable diseases and obesity. It noted that one in eight people worldwide grapples with obesity, with alarming statistics revealing that 30 per cent of […]

The World Obesity Atlas released by the World Obesity Federation has indicated that obesity rates among children and adolescents are surging globally, requiring urgent preventive measures to ensure healthier future generations. The soaring obesity rates across the world revealed significant gaps in healthcare and nutrition, with the poorest populations most severely impacted. Statistics shown by […]

Over 72 million Americans are obese—a condition associated with a plethora of negative health outcomes including diabetes, cancer, and heart problems. But Americans’ eating habits aren’t obesity’s only cause, and we’ve suspected as much for a long time now. In 1932, the California Medical Association noted that “the inborn disposition to obesity may be very […]

When looking at the “Nutrition Facts” label on a package of food, the familiar Helvetica text laid out according to the FDA’s exacting specifications, you could easily end up with the impression that the information there is consistently accurate. That the can of minestrone soup will always have the same amount of sodium (a lot), […]