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Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, on Saturday described the attack on a concert hall that killed more than 100 as a “barbaric terrorist act”. Putin also vowed harsh retribution to all those involved. In a televised address, Putin said all four gunmen had been arrested before they had a chance to cross the border into Ukraine. […]

As tension escalates following Russia’s recent presidential election, a clear divergence in international reactions has emerged, underscoring the complexities of global diplomacy. Both the United Kingdom and France have voiced strong opposition to the re-election of Vladimir Putin, citing longstanding grievances and concerns over Russia’s actions on the international stage, among other reasons. Meanwhile, in […]

Britain’s foreign minister David Cameron on Monday said the result of the Russian elections showed “the depth of repression” under President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin praised Putin’s landslide re-election for a fifth term in office as “eloquent confirmation” of the people’s support. But Cameron, who on Sunday evening said the election was neither free nor […]

Russia’s election commission on Monday celebrated what it said were “record” results for President Vladimir Putin, ensuring the former spy a fifth term in office after a vote that had no credible opposition. The Kremlin has portrayed the weekend election, which was affected by ballot spoilage and Ukrainian attacks on border regions, as evidence that Russians were involved […]

Key Russian friend, China, on Monday extended its best wishes to President Vladimir Putin on his win in the election. With 99 per cent of polling stations reporting results, Putin had obtained 87.33 per cent of all votes cast, according to official election data released Monday, as reported by state news agency RIA. “China sends its congratulations on this,” foreign ministry spokesman, Lin […]

Vladimir Putin said Russia would not be “intimidated” as he celebrated an election victory that allows the former spy to become the longest-serving Russian leader in over 200 years. All of the 71-year-old’s main rivals are deceased, imprisoned, or in exile, and he has led a continual crackdown on anyone openly opposing his rule or his military actions in Ukraine.

Britain’s Foreign Minister, David Cameron, on Sunday, rejected early results from Russia suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been comfortably re-elected. “The polls have closed in Russia, following the illegal holding of elections on Ukrainian territory, a lack of choice for voters and no independent OSCE monitoring,” he posted on X, formerly Twitter. “This […]